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Displate …

A small selection of my works, which I offer through Displate, an Internet printing company offering high-quality prints on steel plates. The highlight is the attachment via magnets - so you can make your own gallery for your apartment, garage or your club. Easy to mount, the pictures are also easy to align and you will not even see the nylon cords of the gallery systems. As a special feature, I see the commitment to take a share of sales to grow trees. But see for yourself:

Attention! Unfortunately, the example pages of Displate are not "responsive" and may have display problems on your phone.

From the Top …

Precious bodywork modern styled

Wirtschaftswunderkinder …

A colorful collection of car brands of the Wirtschaftswunder in Germany.

Zeitzeugen …

Nostalgic memories in the "vintage style".

Tango …

Around the tango - classic, modern or neo

Your Project

You got a project/an event at hand and need something special to announce it accordingly and to catch your customers attention?

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Your event should not go down in the general offer on Facebook or on the event pages? You may even have several events and want something like a trademark that appeals to people and always draws attention to your events first?
You are a professional and already have a name and you can not afford to look bad on the "advertising" the organizer makes with your performance / workshops?

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Advertising is expensive - especially poster advertising. If you can not afford to hang on any billboard, why not post "snapshots" of your ad on Facebook? I can assemble your poster in such a way that everyone thinks you actually have posters printed.
Even more - if you photograph any of your city's billboards and send me the footage, I can do it with your favorite places as well (only condition: no faces).

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Milongas, Workshops and more

I offer you templates for your event. Whether as a DJ, dancer, coach or organizer. Milongas, workshops or practicas - you name it, I do it.

    1 / 3
  • Milonga Tipica Porteño

    A classic theme for organizers, even if no port is at hand, the thought arrives.

  • Billboard advertising despite a small budget

    This poster has never been printed and yet it appears on the bus stop. If you know a billboard where you would like to see your event poster, just send me a photo and I'll do the rest. Only request: no faces. Although I can blur people, it's time consuming - a time you don't have to afford. Maybe you take several shots and then I try to remove the people. In that case, a tripod would be ideal (or a VERY steady hand).

  • Volo di notte

    A themed milonga with the theme »flying«, which took place in an aircraft museum.

  • Dusk

    And again the poster is traveling ...

  • Nightflight

    No matter where - the posters are mounted quickly. Even lit!

Need help?

Graphic Design für Print- und Screen Design

• Web-Design • Image editing/Composing • Advertising • Printed matter • Logo design • Corporate identity

Karl Heinz Herzog
Laura 166c 6540 Castaneda [GR]

What are the costs?

The standard question. At the moment I still calculate per hours (80.-CHF/h).
How much time I need depends on your wishes.

There are various possibilities, from the 6-page flyer to the flyer. With the text, the flyer is definitely more labor intensive.

Posters / roll-ups / banners:
Depending on the format, because the media have quite different requirements. It's best to give me the contact address of the printing house and I deliver what the printing house demands. This is usually not a problem for online printers.

Package deals:
You want a uniform appearance = logo plus Facebook page and flyer/poster? Just ask for it …

What do I need from you?

Not much. Together, we need to find a style for your layout that best suits your needs, then we'll need the content - text and images.
Traditional - Modern - Antique - Fancy

should come from you, because you should express yourself in your own words, but do not worry, I am happy to assist you in the process.

Should/can come from you. At an event that is tied to a venue, shows show couples e.g. I depend on your material (please note copyright !!). If the quality is not right, I can do a lot to improve it. I can also "special" edit them with effects, titles and so on - and of course provide you with professional pictures.
For free or theme milongas I can usually provide the material.