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For over 20 years i've been roaming on the internet and over the 20 years I have seen countless pages and design trends. Some - but few - pages also had the "WOW" effect for me. Pages designed by the top professionals, then of course a few pages that were just "good" and then again the usual pages.
For over 20 years i've been roaming

My concern is with these "usual" pages. Pages that were created years ago, with standards - both technical and design standards - that are now obsolete, pages that were made when no one ever thought that websites could be accessed worldwide on mobile devices.
Other pages were designed by the operators themselves. That too is progress. Almost free of charge, the necessary tools are offered and accordingly the yield. A few of these sites are good, these are the sites of people who would have preferred to become designers and who are otherwise very creative. For the rest of the pages ...

Canvas, oil paint and brush are also offered everywhere - but that does not make anyone an artist!own observation

»YOU« should look after your company. You understand your business better than anybody and that's a position no one can replace you. On the other hand - nobody expects you to be a designer - whether web or print.
That's exactly the point when I get in the game.
When I see a page that spontaneously inspires me with other solutions, I do the work, redesign the pages and propose my solution to the operators. If the suggestion is accepted and the funds for a new page are available, we will make the new pages together.
So if I can help you to make your ideas stand out in the competition, please use the contact page.

Need help?

Graphic Design für Print- und Screen Design

• Web-Design • Bildbearbeitung • Composing • Werbung • Drucksachen • Logo-Gestaltung • Corporate Identity

Karl Heinz Herzog
Laura 166c 6540 Castaneda [GR]

What is your part in redisigning your Homepage?

Not much. We have to find together a layout that serves best to your needs. After that we need the content - text and pictures.
The text should come from you because you have to express your own mind. Pictures - especially about your business - should come from you. If the quality isn't right I can do a lot to enhance them. I can also make them »special« with effects and titles and so forth and I can of course provide you with professional pictures.
After building the site, all I need from you is your OK and a web-space usually provided by your provider and a FTP-address to upload the site.
If you have already a homepage you ought to have a FTP-uplink. However if you don't have a host you can google under »provider« or »hosting« and you can compare their pricing.
I do not provide you with companies to host your page because you can bet there is every time a new provider offering cheaper services after you close the deal.
In Switzerland you can use to find the best price-performance ratio.
After I have the uplink and the password I will upload the page and test it. When the page is up and running I will notify you and you can change the password to your own liking and that's all.

What if I need to change my Homepage later?

No big deal - you contact me, I reopen the project and we clarify the changes. New pages, new text, new pictures or even a whole new concept - all can be accomplished and worked out.
Once you're satisfied you give me the login, and it's once again:

  • Upload
  • Testing
  • OK from both sides
  • Change of login from your side - that's it (again)

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Screen & Print design

If you like the pages and you are interested in redesigning your pages, please fill out the form without any kind of obligation:

What should we call you?
Hello [cf1], how would you prefer us to contact you?
Will send reply by email as soon as we can, what email address should we contact?
Please control the address before you assign it
I can phone you too. The best way to do so would be making an appointement via mail to ensure we have both the necessary time.
How can I be of assistance?
I'm interested in a homepage
I need stationary or other printed material.
I have images that need professional attending to.
My problem is kind of bits and peaces of everything.
Describe your current profile:
I have no homepage and we can start from the scratch.
I already have my own homepage, but I need it to be modernized.
I already have a homepage, but I want a new homepage/ or additional pages to my existing homepage. The new page should be integrated into the existing CI.
What kind of print design do you need?
Stationary for a start-up
A flyer/brochure for an already existing company.
Complete revision of the existing stationary/e. g. in case of a takeover of a company
Please give me some informations about your most urgent matters.
Thanks for taking your time for answering thesw questions. Please check the given contact address information again and then send me the message with the Send button
Name: [cf1]
Email: [cf3a]
Name: [cf1]
Thank you for your time!
I will contact you as soon as possible.

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