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Kia Ora - Welcome to my world

The world is what we make of it. If we don't like what we see, we must change it. Following this rule of my own for a long time, I am now at the point of the most severe change in my life and due to that change I have to put this page on hold for a while. This means also that my services are required with much more serious matters and can't be available for you until 2017.
As soon as things have calmed down a bit you will find new material on this site. As a consolation in the meantime here a few "memory cards" …

Germany …

A place with a great history and some beautiful landscapes and spots as well. Being born and living at the same place makes you used to the beauty and bored and to the daily little wonders you notice everywhere else but at home. Here some pics from home:

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Of course this could go on and on for hours but then it would become a new page and a new purpose and right now I have to orientate myself anew and as my further purposes are far open and mystique I will suffice with this selection. Hope you will see more soon …

Italy …

Ah, la bella Italia …
beautiful landscape, beautiful people. delicious food and over all of it an italian sky and a sun that loves the people. Like always there are two opinions - the one of the tourists and the one of the people that live there, but hey - can you argue with with people that have a vine like that?

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New Zealand …

Those who already had the opportunity to visit New Zealand will agree with me when I say that the paradise was hardly in the Tigris delta and that it still exists down under. This is, where my heart is …

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Mt. Ruapehu Hotel
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Mt. Ruapehu
Orewa Beach

Maybe the local birds simply forgot to fly because they didn't want to leave paradise …

We will see …

what the future brings. Right now all is open - the good and the bad. The world is on the edge and no one knows if there is a future at all. Being optimistic seems hard at the time but we do our best and we try every day to do better than yesterday and in the end that's all that counts.